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What is Dramatic Impact?

Dramatic Impact is an innovative non-profit initiative that grew out of our work as the Educational Arts Team, a leader in the field of arts education since 1974. After more than 40 years of dedication and a proven track record, we are excited to share our work with school districts nationwide. We’d like to make a difference in your school!

Our Vision

Dramatic Impact believes that children from all backgrounds are capable of developing into creative, productive, and valued persons comfortable and confident in both academic and social settings.



The Need

Communication skills are fundamental to children’s development and future success; they are the foundation for learning, play and social interaction.


Unfortunately, many young people, especially those from low income families, bring a limited vocabulary to school, having heard one third the vocabulary that children from professional families have. This disparity affects children’s academic and social growth in major ways, and this gap widens throughout their school lives. 

Our Mission

Dramatic Impact provides struggling and reluctant young learners with engaging activities, both in the classroom and after school, that have been shown to be effective in improving academic, social and cognitive skills.  


Our mission is to motivate young people to achieve academic success, realize self-worth and connect their lives to a wider world by making learning more meaningful.

Our History


Since 1974, our parent organization, the Educational Arts Team, has provided high quality arts integration lessons based on school curriculum and the state language arts standards.

The success of early projects led to a 10 year program (2005-14) in over 20 schools funded by the US Department of Education.  
Thanks to these highly competitive grants, we reached over 500 teachers and 10,000 students.


Independent evaluators found that our programs improved the academic achievement of participating students, relative to randomly selected control groups.

As part of the dissemination mandate of the USDOE grants, we bundled our school-based programs into a literacy engagement initiative, Dramatic Impact.